Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic (FAQ)

Q: Do I need a referral?

A: Most likely, no. While insurance plans vary greatly, the majority do not require a referral for chiropractic care. If your plan does require a referral, often our office can help you obtain a referral from your primary care physician.

Q: What will treatment cost me?

A: It depends on your insurance coverage. Chiropractic benefits vary greatly from plan to plan and company to company. To determine what your benefits for chiropractic care are, you can contact your insurance company directly, or our office would be happy to verify your benefits for you. To verify benefits, we need a copy of your insurance card (both sides) and a photo ID (driver’s license). To make verification of benefits easy, our office offers a Free Consultation during which you can speak with Dr. Brueggeman and your insurance benefits can be verified and explained to you before you incur any charges.

Q: Will I have to get x-rays?

A: Dr. Brueggeman decides whether x-rays are needed after the consultation and examination. Factors such as the type of condition, the mechanism of injury, your age, and your previous health history all help Dr. Brueggeman decide if your case needs x-rays or not.

Q: I’ve seen a chiropractor before, will I have to get new x-rays?

A: During the consultation, Dr. Brueggeman will ask about your previous chiropractic care. After the examination, she will decide if new x-rays are needed. If your problem is similar to what you have had in the past, and there have been no new injuries or health changes since your last x-rays, new x-rays might not be necessary.

Q: What will happen at my first visit?

A: When you arrive at the office your insurance card and photo ID will be copied, and you will complete some paperwork. You will then see Dr. Brueggeman for a consultation where she will review your current problem and health history. After the consultation, Dr. Brueggeman will perform an examination consisting of range of motion, orthopedic and neurological testing to determine what the problem is. At the end of the exam, Dr. Brueggeman will explain her findings and determine what step should be next (x-rays, therapeutic modalities, chiropractic adjustment, or a combination of these).

Q: Will I be adjusted on my first visit?

A: Dr. Brueggeman will decide whether or not a chiropractic adjustment is appropriate after the examination. Sometimes, x-rays are needed before a chiropractic adjustment can be safely administered. In other cases, treatment can begin immediately after the examination.

Q: Will the adjustments hurt?

A: No. The adjustments are safe and gentle. Many adjustments are so gentle you don’t even hear a pop. Dr. Brueggeman uses many different kinds of adjustments, and she will decide after the examination which would be the best for you.

Q: Why do children visit a chiropractor?

A: Children often visit our office because of colic, ear infections, and sports injuries. Older children are treated similarly to adults, but infants and toddlers are treated much differently. The adjustments used on infants and toddlers are very gentle, and often involve only light pressure with a finger or two to complete the adjustment. Dr. Brueggeman has completed a 36-hour post-graduate seminar series in pediatric chiropractic care that has provided her with even more treatment options for children.

Q: Is chiropractic treatment safe during pregnancy?

A: Yes. Dr. Brueggeman has completed post-graduate seminar training in care of women during their pregnancy. Dr. Brueggeman will carefully review your pregnancy history before recommending any particular treatment. The adjustments used during pregnancy are gentle, and often performed with the patient sitting or lying on their side. Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can often help relieve low back pain, sciatica, joint related pelvic pain, and midback pain.

Q: What is acupuncture used for?

A: Acupuncture is a whole body balancing of energy, and therefore can be used for many conditions. Acupuncture can help with general problems such as poor sleep and fatigue, or it can be used for specific problems such as low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, and headaches.

Q: What is auriculotherapy?

A: Auriculotherapy is ear acupuncture that is most commonly used to help people quit smoking, or to help people lose weight. It helps reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, such as nervousness, nicotine cravings, and irritability when used for smoking cessation. Auriculotherapy used for weight loss helps to reduce the feeling of hunger.

Q: Does your office use ear staples for smoking cessation or weight loss?

A: No. Dr. Brueggeman has chosen not to use ear staples because they are often difficult to maintain, fall out unexpectedly, or become infected.

Q: Does Dr. Brueggeman offer nutritional counseling?

A: Yes. Dr. Brueggeman does perform nutritional health assessments, and makes nutritional recommendations for specific problems when necessary.

Q: Does your office have a massage therapist?

A: Brueggeman Chiropractic Center shares space with Amanda Morrow, LMT. Amanda is independent from our office, but often performs massage work on members of our practice. For more information regarding massage, please contact Amanda directly at phone 978-7755.


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